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Welcome to Service Headquarters- a comfortable, safe place for submissives and slaves to offer advice, tips and tricks to common domestic or service related questions. This is where we can pull our common experiences, our unique skills and our vast information and
resources together to help each other troubleshoot and achieve our individual goals.

Though there is not a single approach to the lifestyle, there are many of us, submissives and slaves, who find ourselves engaged in various aspects of service. The service could be one of high protocol, simply formal manners, a series of chores to be completed each day or just needing to prepare the evening meal.

It's a place to share menus, to review books, to share tips on how to be better organized and to most importantly ask questions. It's my goal for us to all work together to aid each other so that we don't have to do everything alone.

I invite each new member to share a bit about any special experiences or skills they have regarding any particular aspect of service. I will save the introductions in the memory section so that all members can find and meet each other.

If you have ideas on things to include or ways to increase the resources of this community, please let me know. Afterall, this community exists for all of us.

I am currently working on a list of tags and memory classifications for posts to make it easy to keep track of all that is going on.